Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Princess Room

In the room we put up a question how would you like your ideal room to look lke....Mine changes all the time ...does yours? 

Here's the newest room of my Dreams LOL - I went from Designing a "Simple but Elegant Dressing Room" to now ...I want a room that has my bedroom and art/sewing/computer printing room all in one in a FUN WAY.   I love my husband in the same room with me he is my best friend, but since I don't watch t.v. except movies like Avatar are Finding Nemo LOL.....we usually are in two different rooms here is what I'm proposing to him tonight - wish me luck ok. :-) yaaay!

I want to knock out the wall between the bedroom and the craft/sewing room - and put a lounger chair for two LOL in case I want to join him there with the plasma t.v.

I have to run ...forgot I have models coming to shoot duh, I'll just post the front of the house to give you the idea to start....the two windows to the left is the sewing/craft/art room///it used to be our bedroom...then I moved our bedroom to the back of the house - I'll take a picture later.....the window to the right on the top is the guest come and visit with me we can play and make beautiful art together :-)  Princess's Unite!!

At 55 I think I'm going through my second childhood LOL.....ok later gators mmmmwwwah!

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